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Elephants kids and animal welfare is a small family run business with a big heart. At India Authentic Tours our customers welfare is paramount, therefore our priority is the safety and wellbeing of all our customers touring India with us. 
We at India Authentic Tours also have very high ethical beliefs when it comes to animal welfare, therefore we will never offer our customers and animal related activities, e.g. Elephant rides, Camel rides, visits to Zoo’s, visit to logging farms or any other activities where the animals welfare is not paramount.

When we started we were determined to make a difference and be a company that gives back as much as possible, therefore we started the below project. After being amazed by the support from our customers, we opened the Facebook pages and invited other to join in. and are communities that's have been set with the aim of gathering people together and encouraging tourists to collectively make a difference and since we started AHTG in March 2014 and RBA in October 2015 we collectively:

1. Sent 6 kids to school
2. Sponsored Laxmi for 3 years and Rhea for 6 months at
3. Supplied all the elephants with blankets twice along side donating new fruit cutting knives.
4. Supplied 9 laptops and 5 mobile phones to
5. Bought over 3.5 tons of fruit for the bears and elephants at
6. Supplied the mahouts with shorts, hats, gloves, t-shirts, socks, and fleece jackets at
7. Supplied 90 hand printed organic elephant scarves for the shop and Auction along side other diverse items
8. Initiated the rescue fund for Rhea by donating $10000 to
9. Given 165 bags of goodies 3 times (t-shirt, coloring books, crayons, toys and flip-flopsto the village kids in a poor part of Mathura.
10. Given the acid survivors at all a blouse, t-shirt, bag, scarf, chemical free hygiene articles and3 laptops alongside donating $1800 towards they’re rehabilitation and
11. Donated 2 air conditioners for the operation and rehabilitation room at in Jaipur alongside sterilizing and vaccinated 10 street dogs. Our company have also adopted 2 dogs and a customer has adopted 1 from this center
12. Donated to to cover the costs of Lakshmi's transport to her chain free sanctuary.
13. Donated sports equipment to a small school outside Jaipur
14. Given, $250 towards a flight to India
15. We have donated 3 laptops to be used in the office alongside 50 scarves and 50 bags to for resale.
16. We have donated 3 laptops to be used in the office alongside 50 scarves and 50 bags to to for resale and also 70 water tanks that have been placed around Jaipur to provide the street animals with water.
17. Tracksuits to all the elephant careers at both and
18. Our last action to date was to donate hygiene article, toys and a desktop computer and 3 laptops to the HIV affected children’s home in Jaipur.
19. We have donated $700 towards the wild animal rescue center at Bannaghetta national park.
20. We have donated 2 laptops to the to help them with their turtle program data collection

We officially support the following:

These 5 charities have proven to be ethical and very transparent when it comes to their needs and their spending. This is very important to us, as we have a large following of people who have become involved and therefore a mutual trust is paramount.
When collecting, we always ask for a set project and a written quote of the actual cost. We then post regular updates of the collection situation.

We started this with $1000 of our own money and have gathered an amazing team of local crafts people and talented artists on our journey.

To help support this project we sell 100% organic, handmade scarves, t-shirts, and silver jewelry. For a regular up-date on what’s available and the prices please check us out on We are not a charity but a community and vehicle.

100% of all sales go straight into fund and you get to look great, do good and feel fantastic.

Together we can make a difference
More can also be seen about our work and tours on
At the moment we have $2500 in our fund alongside some tracksuits, we will be discussing with and in March 2018 what can be done with this.